Marco, Mauro and the entire XShape team.

We identify ourselves, professionally and conceptually, with the etymology of the term bodybuilder: we are body builders.

As athletes, we have spent our sporting lives forging our physiques: we are both natural professional bodybuilders and during the course of our careers we have participated – and still participate – in Italian, European and world competitions.

As personal trainers, instead, we have worked for over 20 years in the best fitness centers in Milan, teaching our students how to build and take care of their bodies.

Competitive practice and teaching have always gone hand in hand, which allows us to continue to present ourselves as positive examples: we are the first to apply what we teach, and thanks to this consistency and the results obtained we have been able to build an honest, solid and lasting relationship with our students.

In 2016, we founded XShape with the goal of creating a highly professional yet informal reality where serenity, skills, and results would feed off each other. We wanted to put at the center of this project the interdisciplinary and communication between professionals and collaborators from different fields, but with some well-defined characteristics that unite us all: transparency, reliability, consistency and incessant desire to compare, learn and grow. After 6 years of activity and countless hours of lessons and training, the enthusiasm that we perceive daily and the satisfaction of those who attend our studio give us the awareness of having achieved these first goals.

Our commitment today is to continue to improve ourselves and to improve you, through constant updating and thanks to the help of our team of collaborators, to confirm ourselves as a point of reference in our sector and to contribute to the development of a healthy culture of body and movement.

Marco e Mauro personal trainers